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What kind of canopy frames work with Canopy Breeze®?

10' and 12' canopies where the roof joists are  perpendicular at their apex (they look like an "X")

Not Compatible

Canopy frames where the roof joists offset at their apex

Not Compatible

Canopy frames with a center pole

Center Pole Frame 2.jpg
Offset Frame.jpg
Q & A

Q:  How long will Canopy Breeze® run on a full charge?

A:  Typical run time is 6 hours

Q:  Will Canopy Breeze® run on A/C power if an outlet is available?

A:  Yes.  With the charger inserted into the charging port, plug it into an outlet and the fan will run indefinitely on A/C power.

Q:  How long does it take to recharge Canopy Breeze®?

A:  About 3 hours with 25% battery life and 5 hours when the battery is completely drained.

Q:  Are there extra battery packs for the fan?

A:  No.  The battery is built into the fan and cannot be removed without taking the fan apart.

Q:  Can I use Canopy Breeze® at the beach?

A:  Our experience has shown that the ocean breeze at the beach is stronger than what the fan can produce.  However, it's a great way to circulate air when you are spending time away from the beach, say at a swimming pool or patio.

Q:  Is Canopy Breeze® waterproof?

A:  Although moisture resistant, this product is not waterproof.  Never use Canopy Breeze™ when rain, heavy winds or lightning is expected.

Q:  Is there a wind speed that would render Canopy Breeze ineffective?

A:  If sustained winds are expected to be 10 m.p.h. or greater, then breeze from the fan will be highly ineffective.

Q:  It is very difficult to remove the fan blades when putting the fan away.  Is this normal?

A:  The fan blades on Canopy Breeze® are designed for a snug fit to prevent them from coming loose during use.  To remove them, grab the motor assembly firmly and wiggle the blade slightly from side to side while pulling.  This may take some force when the fan is new. The blade is made from non-breakable plastic, so bending it will not damage it.  The blades will become easier to remove over time.

Q:  Does the fan come in different colors?

A:  Currently, Canopy Breeze® is only available in a white motor assembly with gray blades.

Battery Care

The powerful lithium-ion battery included with your fan is by far its most expensive component.  Maximize the life of your battery with these handy tips:

  • Try to avoid “deep discharge” by not letting the battery drain completely.

  • It’s best to store the fan in an environment of 80°F or cooler.  Try not to leave in the fan in a hot car for an extended period of time.

  • Once the charger illuminates green, unplug it.  The battery will discharge approximately 5% over the next several days, and you can “top it off” the day before its next use.

  • When storing the fan for long periods of time, only charge the battery to 30-50%.  Try to avoid storing the battery at 100% charge for an extended period as this will shorten battery life.

  • When using the fan regularly, it is OK to run it for a short period of time, then recharge the battery back to full.  Lithium-ion batteries do not have “battery memory,” so partial discharge/recharge will not harm them.

One Year Limited Warranty

Meko Outdoors, Inc warranties this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year following the date of purchase, provided the product is used in a non-commercial manner. This limited warranty does not cover failures as a result of abuse, droppage, or using this product in a manner contrary to its intent. Damage caused by collapsed/toppled canopies as a result of wind or other acts of nature are excluded from this warranty.


We encourage our retail partners to have their customers to contact us directly in the event of a warranty claim, and this is outlined in the user instructions.  For warranty inquiries or claims, please email

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